3D Scanning Service Quotation Form 3D掃描報價表格

3D掃描服務是一種將物理對象快速,準確地數碼化的方式,可用於設計,檢查和可視化。 透過3D scanning能夠掃描各式各樣的產品或物件結構,以準確捕獲物理形狀和尺寸。我們使用各種3D掃描器為你掃描物件,並提供各種精度和分辨率。3D Scanning技術本身能夠快速獲取現實物件的准確3D數據,以用於任何製造過程,幫助你顯著提高生產力和效率。

如果你想就著你的3D scan項目以查詢我們的3D Scanning service報價,請在以下表格填上你的資料。我們的3D Scanning service會以你的填寫資料包括你上載想3D scan的物件照片,檔案有多少件組件,物件尺寸,物件的複雜度,需要的3D scan精度 等等作出報價。

The 3D scanner can scan a variety of products or object structures, and accurately identify physical shapes and sizes. Our 3D scanning service can to quickly and accurately digitize physical objects, which can be used for design, inspection and visualization. The 3D scanning technology itself can quickly obtain accurate 3D data of real objects for any manufacturing process, helping you to significantly increase productivity and efficiency.

If you want to get our 3D scanning service quotation based on your 3D scan project, please fill in your information in the form below. Our 3D scanning service quotation will be based on your fill-in information, including the photo of the object you want to upload for 3D scan, how many components in the file, the size of the object, the complexity of the object, the required 3D scan accuracy, etc.

4.物件的紋理 Texture of the object
光澤 Shiny啞光 Matt透明 Transparent其他 Other

5.物件的複雜度 Complexity of the object

6.需要的掃描精度 Required Scanning Accuracy

可以 Yes不可以 No

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