Through our professional 3D scanning service, we can quickly turn your real-life objects into 3D models. Our scanning equipment can obtain high-precision 3D scanning data, which can allow you to perform further model size measurement, modification, and even 3D printing. In general our 3D scanning service process is that you first need to upload photos of the object you want to scan, then fill in the form in our site, and write down your scanning requirements on the form. After we receive your quotation form, we will check whether the p the object based on the photos you sent to us can be scanned, such as the size of the scanned object, the complexity of the object, the material of the object itself, and so on. At the same time, we will give you a quotation for 3D scanning services according to the requirements you sent to us. If you want to further inquire about our 3D scanning service, please contact us for consultation.


Four easy steps