3D Printing Service Quotation Form 3D打印報價表格

3D printing技術已經逐漸進入工業生產流程和大眾的日常生活中,這樣可以讓大眾更方便地製作自己的產品。3D print的原理是什麼?下面會作簡單的介紹。目前3D printing設備多被用來製造原型產品,並以逐層逐層打印的方式來製作完成品。當有一個3D模型檔案,經過把檔案作3D printing設定後,就能直接把檔案和打印物料放到3D打印機內,機器按照程式一層一層把模型列印出來。3D打印機和日常的2D普通打印機最大的區別是”打印墨水”。3D printing設備所使用的物料叫3D打印物料,這些物料可以是塑膠等。通過堆疊形成打印最終成品物件。

如果你想就著你的3D printing 項目以查詢我們的3D printing service報價,請在以下表格填上你的資料。我們的3D printing service 會以你的填寫資料包括,檔案有多少件組件,物件尺寸,打印數量,打印仔細度,物料顏色等等作出報價。

3D printing technology has gradually entered into the industrial production process and the daily life of the public, so that the public can make their own products more conveniently by using 3D printing. What is the principle of 3D printing? A brief introduction will be made below. At present, 3D printing equipment is mostly used to manufacture prototype products, and the finished products are produced by printing layer by layer. When there is a 3D model file, after setting the file for 3D print, you can directly put the file and printing materials into the 3D printer, and the machine will print the model layer by layer according to the program. The biggest difference between 3D printers and ordinary 2D printers is “printing ink”. The materials used by 3D printing equipment are called 3D printing materials, and these materials can be plastics and so on. The final product is formed by stacking and printing.

If you want to get our 3D printing service quotation for your 3D print project, please fill in your information in the form below. Our 3D printing service quotation will be based on your fill-in information, including how many components are in the file, the size of the object, the number of prints, the detail of printing, and so on.

5.打印仔細度 Required printing accuracy

6.物料要求 Material of 3D Model

7.物料顏色 Color

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