– 我們的3D打印服務選用最新歐洲進口3D打印設備

– 你可挑選不同的顏色和不同質感的PLA或ABS物料 –

– 一般我們能在7-9天內完成你的項目 –

– 專業的團隊給你的項目提供意見 –

如果你有想打印的東西,我們一般的3D打印服務流程是首先你需要把你的3D模型檔案(STL 或 OBJ)上載,然後填寫報價表格,表格中需要填寫打印物件數量等要求。接收到你們的報價表格後,我們會檢視你發給我們的3D模型能否打印到例如模型的大小尺寸,複雜程度,模型本身是否完整等等。同時也根據你發給我們的要求給你3D打印服務的報價。如果你對我們的3D打印服務想作進一步的查詢,歡迎聯絡我們咨詢。


Using the latest 3D printing technology, we believe that innovative ideas can change the world. Whether you are a company that needs to print prototype or an enthusiast who loves making models, your design ideas can be actualized with our professional 3D printing services.

-We use the latest 3D printing equipment imported from Europe –

-You can choose different colors and textures of PLA or ABS materials-

-In general we can complete your project within 7-9 days-

-Professional team provides suggestions for your project-


If you want to print something, our regular 3D printing service process is that you first need to upload a 3D model file (STL or OBJ), and then fill in the form, in which you will mention the number of printed objects and other requirements. After receiving your form, we will provide you with a quotation for 3D printing services according to your requirements. If you want to further inquire about our 3D printing service, please contact us for consultation.



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